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Compete against other Social Tongits players in a Multi-Table Tournament to win exciting prizes, including huge amounts of Social Tongits Load Credit.

Every tournament has options that drive the pace of tournament play. When you open the Tournament Registration window, you will see the following configured options that will apply to tournament play. Here is a description of these options and how they work.

Buy In

Tournament Registration page (shown below). When you register for the tournament, the Buy In amount will be decremented from your Social Tongits Player Account. This amount is how much it costs to purchase the Tourney Chips that will be used for tournament play. Note: If you don't have enough load in your Social Tongits Player Account to cover the Buy In amount, you must load more credit to your player account and attempt to register again to compete in the tournament.

Tourney Chips

The amount of "play chips" all tournament players are given at the start of the tournament to use during tournament play; everyone gets the same amount. Note: Tourney Chips are not equivalent to Social Tongits Load Credits, or any other currency, and are not redeemable at any time. They are used only for Tournament Play.

Ante Start

The starting ante for all games when the tournament begins, prior to any ante increases.

Interval of Ante Increase

The interval, in minutes, of the ante increase. In order to make the tournament more exciting, every so often according to this setting, the ante will increase, making play more competitive. A pop up will appear between games indicating how much the ante has increased.

Ante Increases By

The percentage of the ante increase. Every time the ante increases, it will take this percentage of the current ante, add it to the current ante to determine the new ante amount.
Ante Increase Example:

Table Pot

The percentage of ante that goes to the Table Jackpot every time an ante occurs. Just like in normal Social Tongits games, the Table Jackpot is won by a player who wins two games in a row, and continues to be won for every consecutive win after 2 games in a row by the same player.

Number of Players

The minimum number of players required to be registered in order for the tournament to start.

Prize Options

The awards that will be granted to the top 3 winners of the tournament.

  1. To start playing in a tournament, go to, and in the lobby, click on the Tournament Tab, see below:Responsive image

  2. Then click on the Tournament Name, or instance; this will open the Tournament Registration page, see below:Responsive imageThis page will show you all the Tournament options – see Tournament Play: Set Up Options above for details.

  3. Click the Register button to register for the tournament

  4. In order to play, you must accept the Tournament Conditions. This information explains that Tourney Chips have no cash value and are not redeemable under any circumstances:Responsive image

  5. After you are registered, your username will appear in the Registered Players list.
    Note: If you choose not to participate in the tournament after you have registered but before the tournament begins, you can click the Unregister button in the Registration window and the Buy In amount will be refunded to your Social Tongits Player Account.Responsive image

  6. Keep an eye on the Start Date/Time in the Registration window to make sure you are online and ready to play when the tournament starts. When it begins, you will automatically be placed at a table and begin playing in the tournament.

  7. Please refer to the diagram below for an example of how tournament play works. As players lose because they are unable to meet the ante and are ejected from the tournament, tables close and remaining players are merged onto fewer and fewer tables until only one player is left and the winner(s) are determined.Responsive image